Kitchen Cabinets Refacing vs Replacing

What are the refacing limitations? Is refacing the best option all the time? Is it really a 40%-60% savings versus replacing? The object is to clarify as much as possible these aspects, to make sure your decision is as educated as possible and you have no regrets. Understanding that replacing and refacing kitchen cabinets will both give you the change of look, let’s go deeper into the differences between kitchen cabinets refacing vs replacing.

 Replacing is necessary if:

• The layout of the kitchen needs to be completely changed because of poor design

• The boxes are extremely worn out due to age and/or poor quality

• The budget available for the project is substantial

 Refacing is smart if:

• The layout of the kitchen is good or requires only a small amount of tuning (swapping two boxes, upgrading from two doors to a bank of drawers, adding pull out garbage bins, pull out base organizers, lazy susans, etc.).

• The granite or quartz countertop needs to be saved. When remodeling from scratch, the chance of cracking the granite or quartz in the attempt of moving it from the old to the new boxes is very high.

• Flooring in the kitchen has been installed around the perimeter of the boxes (there is no flooring underneath the boxes) and it must be saved. The replacing option will not work for this situation unless the new boxes are custom built to fit the floor pattern.

• Selling the house is the reason. If done properly, the return on investment will be pretty high 😉

• The budget available for the project is too tight for what is desired.


Are you wondering if getting luxury kitchen cabinets is only possible with the replacing option? Well, the answer is no! Refacing can give the “WOW” effect too!!!

We can achieve this by adding crown moldings, light valences, cabinet posts, fluted fillers, corbels, and decorative moldings to islands, peninsulas and exposed panels. Stretching the upper cabinets to the ceiling and/or adding a luxurious crown molding will bring your kitchen to the next level…all very possible with refacing (and a company that has the knowledge to do it)!

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