Adding value to your home is the most important thing in your mind as a homeowner; no matter if it is for resale or if it’s your forever home.

It is well known that adding a mini apartment to rent out has by far the best ROI (Return On Investment), being of course because it is a source of income. However… let’s face it, it is not possible in every house and not everybody is willing to deal with a tenant that lives (basically) under the same roof.

The most common, and second in line on the return on investment scale is to update the kitchen. When selling a house with new kitchen cabinets, if done properly, statistics prove that you could easily recover 100% of your investment. Many realtors will advise their clients to update the kitchen for sale as that is one of the two rooms buyers look at first and focus on the most.

When thinking about optimizing your investment, it is known that it is almost never necessary to go to the extreme route of the custom kitchen cabinets. It is important that as a homeowner, you educate yourself on what the kitchen cabinet industry offers. Reputable companies are able to offer flexible solutions tailored around your needs without charging you the custom price tag.  Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing custom when dealing with the big box stores, but progress has been, and will continue to be made with their services.

Kitchen cabinet refacing can be the best of both worlds…it can be affordable but yet it can be custom too. Kitchen cabinet refacing is the type of service that can optimize your investment to the max. Cabinet boxes are saved, door and drawer fronts are replaced, and exposed areas are laminated to match the color of the new doors.

As the homeowner, it is your job to find a refacing company that provides custom kitchen cabinet refacing. A company that provides custom kitchen cabinet refacing will be able to save your cabinet boxes but add what it takes to customize your kitchen:

  • Adding an island or pantry to increase your storage space
  • Stretching upper cabinets to the ceiling and/or adding crown molding
  • Installing pull out drawers, lazy susans, base organizers, magic corners, etc. to increase the functionality
  • Decorating gables and islands with luxurious moldings
  • All the small details and gadgets that truly give your kitchen the personalized touch

Have fun 🙂

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