High Quality Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Wondering if it is possible to get a high quality kitchen using the cabinet refacing option?

Well…the quality of your kitchen cabinets is not determined by just the quality of the doors. For luxury, we mean crown mouldings, light valances, fluted fillers, cabinet posts, corbels, stretched cabinet boxes, pull outs, glass inserts, etc.


Crown mouldings as known, are installed right above the upper cabinets. Many times, it is not possible to install them due to the presence of a bulk head (drywall boxes above the cabinets that could hide duct work, pipes, electrical wires, etc.)

Crown mouldings come in different shapes and sizes. What is most important is making sure the crown molding has a look that compliments the door style. It would be odd to install a super ornate crown moulding with a simple shaker style or slab door.

Light valances are a long piece of wood, under mounted to the upper cabinets, intended to cover over-the-counter lighting. Actually….that is the second reason 😉

The primary use for the light valances is to make the upper cabinets look good by adding a final touch and not allowing the exposure of the unfinished bottom of the upper cabinet boxes. I like to call them “mini skirts” 😉


Fillers are used to decorate wider sections of the cabinet boxes that are not quite wide enough to fit a door, but are large enough that the area can not be ignored. Fillers can also be used as decorative moldings for islands and peninsulas. However, for a more elegant look, cabinet posts are definitely more popular.

Corbels have a decorative and supportive duty. Their main function is to support the countertop when it overhangs more than 10″ past the end of the cabinet boxes (for additional counter space or a seating area).

Cabinet posts, corbels and any decorative moldings are available in every degree of detailing from ornate to minimalistic and play a major role in achieving an high quality kitchen cabinets look.


The 42″ (high) upper cabinets in the past 10 years has become more and more popular with the kitchen cabinet refacing job. A “must have” feature for high quality kitchen cabinets.

Is it possible to go from 30″ to 42″ upper cabinets when refacing? Absolutely! And the added value you will get in return is just a bonus!

We have done it many times in the past for our customers, helping to work through several hiccups with the DIY customer as you need to be extremely handy to stretch or give the illusion of stretching the upper cabinets.


Soft closing drawers, pull-out garbage bins, pull-out base organizers, magic corners, lazy susans, etc. are extremely useful gadgets that make the use of kitchen cabinets more fun and efficient and for this reason, accessories will bring your kitchen to the next level.

Very rarely customers don’t ask to at least replace their regular closing drawers with the soft closing drawers when we provide a kitchen cabinet refacing service. Second in popularity is the pull-out garbage bins.

For the DIY cabinet refacer, pull-out(s) installation requires a decent set of handyman skills. The know how could be easily found on or off-line.

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