DIY Cabinet Refacing Must have List

Not sure of what you need for DIY Cabinet Refacing? Well, if you’re interested in being the main actor in the kitchen cabinet refacing movie of your own home, we need to make sure these four points are covered:


Cabinet refacing requires not only basic handyman skills, but mainly patience and the willingness to listen to suggestions from the experts. It is not a project that requires a superior mentality, but working with real wood veneer to reface every horizontal and vertical edge requires patience and endurance. Absolutely worth it when done! 🙂


Recommended tools and miscellaneous supplies to perform a “simplified” diy cabinet refacing job, suggested for are:

*Simplified cabinet refacing is no new drawer boxes, crown molding, light valances or other new accessories

Power drill,
Screwdriver bits
Utility knife
Measuring tape
36″ or longer metal straight edge
Combination Square
2 clamps
Veneering roller called “J roller”
150 or 180 grit sandpaper §
#6 screws with 5/8″ length

Recommended additional tools to perform a “custom” diy cabinet refacing job are:

Portable table saw
Supply of different length #6 & #8 screws from 1″ – 1 1/2″
Mitre compound saw
New drawer boxes hardware


Finding the right refacing supplier for materials could be a challenge. A common, cabinet door manufacturing company is not the ideal supplier for a diy cabinet refacer. It is important to find a supplier able to provide pre-finished, ready to install doors, matching ready to be applied veneers, and matching ready to be installed moldings. But…mainly you want to find a company that provides kitchen cabinet refacing knowledge and support.


Even for the expert, handyman homeowner, it is recommended to read a book or watch a detailed video before throwing themselves into the job. Failing to search for some refacing knowledge could cause expensive mistakes 🙁

Ordering new doors when failing to distinguish between face frame and frameless cabinets would be the first, and most painful mistake.

Talking with my associates, we have noticed that contractors in other industries (plumber, electrician, etc.) tend to make more mistakes than say the “handy bookkeeper” when approaching diy cabinet refacing…why you ask?

Because the people already in the renovation industry tend to feel that they already have the experience required, while the “handy bookkeeper” knows his limits and is willing to invest the time to learn. No matter what your skill set or experience, I would always recommend to take the time and do the research required to do the job right the first time.

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