About Techno Kitchen Refacing

Techno Kitchen Refacing is an Ontario based kitchen renovation company that specializes in refacing, rather than replacing. Recently, we brought on another member to the team to supply the increasing demand. Now, we can serve you faster, and across a larger area.Techno's word of mouth marketing philosophy shows how happy customers have been with the product. Honesty and customer satisfaction are of the utmost concern for Techno and the customer will benefit every time.Want to see it for yourself? Our customers are so happy and enthusiastic about the work that they've allowed us to invite you into their home to see firsthand the quality of the work. Call today and ask how to arrange a meeting, or click here.

About the Owner

After 15 years of experience in the woodworking and cabinetry industry, Techno founder Frank Silletti chose to start his own refacing company with the goal of giving homeowners in Ontario a more affordable alternative to traditional kitchen remodeling. Frank says "By using the cabinet refacing process, we are able to cut down the time, cost and inconvenience of building creating your dream kitchen dramatically". With the experience and the motivation to back his work, you can be sure Frank will be there to answer any questions or concerns to deliver the best value and quality of work available. Please feel free to visit the contact page and fill out an information request form. We look forward to hearing from you!